CS848 -- Research Seminar in Information Retrieval (Winter 2022)

Instructor: Gordon V. Cormack gvcormac@uwaterloo.ca

Information retrieval is the study of tools and methods to find information to satisfy an information need. Participants in this class will examine particular kinds of information needs, systems designed to satisfy those needs, and methodologies to evaluate how well the needs are satisfied. Recent research results and current challenges will be addressed, with the overall objective of submitting a research paper to a conference, such as The Conference in Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2022).

Students will be expected to participate in several exercises, to read, present, and discuss research results from the literature, to conduct an experiment, and to present the results as a paper in the CIKM conference format.

Piazza will be used to carry on the discussion between classes. If you are already registered or have corresponded with me regarding the course, you should have received an invitation to join Piazza. If not, please send an email request to join with your name, student nuber, waterloo login ID, email address, and program.

Anyone who completes the first exercise will be given permission to register, provided they meet the university requirements. These permissions will be issued shortly before the drop/add deadline.

Here are some examples of research papers in information retrieval: Classic papers as of 2016

Course-specific materials